Airline Industry

Airline Industry

Using Super Graphics to view large amounts of data gives users a simple way to understand complex information while also quickly identifying patterns and operational improvement opportunities. Understand the complexities of your airline business and identify practical ways of improving the profitability of your airline.
In particular, ask yourself:

  • Would understanding opportunities for new markets, vis-a-vis competitors, provide deeper insights into pricing strategies?
  • Would understanding revenue and profit by product offer and geography, enable you to offer more targeted incentives?
  • Would identifying areas where you are over- and under-investing in promotional dollars allow you to better target marketing spend?
  • Would showing the ROI on marketing spend across loyalty levels or thousands of customer segments help better measure marketing success?
  • Would understanding the impact of loyalty incentives on maximizing the lifetime value of a customer allow for better targeting of incentives?
  • Would understanding the relative revenue and profit by channel, agency and geographic location provide more insights into pricing and incentive campaigns?
  • Would understanding the output of simulation and prediction models visually against capacity provide you with greater understanding and insight?

    • airViz represents the most advanced data visualization software for strategic, operational, and analytical users of business intelligence data in the airline industry.

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"We see substantial benefits for the airline industry in utilizing VizExplorer’s Super Graphics technology to help our customers drive revenue, improve revenue performance, and improve operational efficiency. The airline industry has enormous amounts of data that they can leverage to improve performance and ensure timely and effective business decisions are made. Airlines are in a very dynamic and competitive marketplace, so having crucial business information synthesized and at your fingertips can give our customers a distinct advantage."
Darren Rickey, Vice President, Sabre Airline Solutions