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Optimizing revenue efficiency through understanding sales opportunities, product placement, customer preferences, channels and location. We will help you understand the complexities of your retail business and identify practical ways of improving the profitability of your business. In particular, ask yourself :

Would it be valuable to:
  • impart knowledge about store seasonality and sales cycles to new managers in less than one hour?
  • identify times of day and locations where maximum shrinkage is occurring?
  • identify places where virtual out of stocks occur, meaning stock is still in the store but not at every location?
  • understand the impacts and opportunities of your competitors marketing programs on different categories of your business?
  • identify issues in your supply chain that your automated systems could not anticipate?
  • have a strategic overview of multiple brands showing how marketing and merchandizing decisions impact across those brands?
  • know customer product preferences, by product category and price, in order to optimize individual store inventories?

Ask us about retailViz and what it can do for You.

"In our loyalty business we are generating huge piles of data every day. VizExplorer's visualizations will let us know what customers are really doing and their shopping habits and this also provides valuable information for our loyalty partners."
Loyalty Management Executive