VizExplorer is in the business of enabling customers to see, explore and apply their data intelligently. Breakthrough results are achieved by distinguishing patterns from volumes of complex, multidimensional data.
With vizExplorer™, the VizExplorer flagship solution, customers make sense of their operations and utilize a unique visual approach which harnesses the most powerful human sense – sight.
VizExplorer technologies are being applied across many industries, and VizExplorer’s consulting arm can be engaged to expedite results. VizExplorer has extensive expertise in the gaming industry and its GameViz solution accelerator templates provide breakthrough results across multi aspects of gaming operations. Templates are also currently available for the Retail, Airline, and Insurance industries.

Visual Analytics creates the data marts and analytical models that enable you to understand these characteristics.

VizExplorer and Bi2U Partnership

Bi2U and VizExplorer have teamed together to offer VizExplorer's innovative visually-centric analytical software along with reliable and cost-effective implementation services in Canada, the North East USA and the Caribbean. Together, we provide customers with an accelerated ROI on their data investment by identifying valuable business improvement opportunities from within their customer and operational data.
Bi2U continues to assimilate the latest VizExplorer software tools and to effectively deploy them on customer projects. Through a committed partnership, Bi2U is becoming a leader in the implementation of VizExplorer's solutions in our region.

VizExplorer Awards and Recognition